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Our Brands & Products
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Products - Small Tools
Measuring Tools
Machine Tools Accessories
Measuring Tools

Electronic Caliper

Dial Caliper

Gage Block for Caliper Inspection

Check Master

Electronic Outside Micrometer

Electronic Depth Micrometer

Three Point Inside Micrometer

Precision Dial Test Indicator

Magnetic Stand

FlexArm Magnetic Stand

Measuring Table

Precision Dial Bore Gauge

Ceramic Gage Block

Metric Gage Block

Angle Gage Block

Metric Pin Gage

Granite Surface Plate

Granite Surface Plate Table

Granite V-Block

Granite Square

Precision Vice

Plain Plug Gage

Metric Thread Ring Gage

Metric Thread Plug Gage
Machine Tools Accessories

ER Spring Collet Chuck System

ER Spring Collet Chuck System

ER-GB Top Collets

Extended Collet Holder With ISO Shank

Collet Holders With BT Extension Type BT Taper Shank ER-16, ER-20

DIN 6388 Collet For Milling Chuck

C-20, 25, 32, 42 Collet

C-20, 25, 32, 42 Wrenchs

TG 100 Collect System


Integrated Type Keyless Drill Chucks

Integrated Type Keyless Drill Chucks

Adjustable Angle Head For Air Tapping Unit

Magnetic Base For Air Tapping Unit

Tapping Collet Adapter

Tooling Trolleys

Tooling Sheath Rack

Tooling Sheath

Parts Cabinet

Tool Box

Self Centering Vise

U/N Work Stopper

Universal Vise Jaws With Work Stopper

Ang-Fixed Vise

Super Open Vise

2-Way Angle Milling Vise

MC Power Vise Hydraulic Type

Hydraulic Machine Vise

Double Clamp Vise

MC Power Vise

Upright MC Power Vise

Combination MC Power Free Vise

Quick Setting Vise

Machine Vise for Shaping & Milling Use

Precision Right Angle Plate

Right Angle Plate

Slotted Angle Plates

Plain Angle Plates

Eye Shield

Milling Table Slot Cover

Vee Blocks

Auto Center Punch

Dustproof Halogen Lamp Beams

Water Proof LED Lamp